Thursday, 15 March 2018

Don’t play dead with a vulture

That’s exactly what they want. 

Well Pessa is up to his old tricks again. He’s knocked out this fantastic figure of a human army general on a giant vulture for his Kings of War army. 

Jeez, he’s going to be picking over the bones of my poor old orcs in no time. 

Hope you enjoy. 

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

5150 Campaign – S3 - Tactical Analysis

Jackie pushes back in his seat and peruses the data slate. 
One of his Tactical Analysts has prepared a briefing for him of the key lessons from the last engagement.
He reviews the small ship data first. “Six enemy splashed to our one,” he thinks to himself, “but that’s not all of it is it? If the enemy small ships hadn’t been re-occupied in the attempt to destroy our capital ships then it could have been worse. Much worse.”
Jackie reviews the data slate. The Viper is an aged but still very capable space superiority fighter. The X Wing, by comparison, a more modern multi-roll fighter. The X Wing has slightly superior performance in top speed and has a slightly longer range and punch with her guns but the lacks the rate of fire from her weapons. It’s essentially even. Perhaps the biggest difference between the two craft is their missile load out. The Viper is focused on achieving space dominance and carries three Fire and Forget missiles where as the X Wing carries a deadly capital ship killer, the torpedo. 

-      Speed = maximum cycles
-      Acc = acceleration in cycles per cycle
-      Turn = capability to dog fight and perform special manoeuvres
-      L/M/H/T = the chance to punch through light/medium/heavy or turret shields
-      * = ability to punch through light capital ship shields on a 1
The first engagement of the campaign also revealed a lot about the rebels heavier attack craft, the Y Wing. “Hmmm,” Jackie thinks to himself, “their Y Wing packs some serious performance and punch. But the Raptor is no slouch.” He reviews the key heavy craft stats. The Y Wing is slightly quicker but neither will be able to out run the oppositions fighters. Probably the biggest difference is in their missile load outs. Both fighters possess heavy shields, giving them extra endurance in combat, but the Raptor has a broader range of offensive options. Carrying two fire and forget missiles together with a HARM and two torpedoes it has the opportunity to engage fighters as well as capital ships with these weapons. The Y Wing is a capital ship killer, carrying three torpedoes.

Jackie concludes, “In the end it’ll come down to the quality of the pilots and the tactics employed. We were lucky last time. If the enemy fighters had’ve focused on attacking our fighters first we probably would have lost more. But still,” Jackie thinks to himself, “I would have preferred to have lost more fighters than Achilles.”
Reviewing the performance of his pilots he notes that Apollo and Old Sarge lead the way in terms of rail gun rounds and fire and forget missiles deployed. This resulted in resulted in two X Wings splashed each. Jackie contemplates, “They say that the real heroes are often the first to go in a war and Hinton’s sacrifice is no different. His assault on the enemy fighter formation broke it apart and set the foundation for the rest of the team to defeat the enemy. His sacrifice won’t be forgotten. The repair teams have been working hard and it looks like all fighters will be available for the next op.”

“Achilles was a real loss,” the Admiral reflects. “Not only was she a quarter of our capital ships but she was the best of the support vessels and she was carrying two replacement Vipers and one replacement Raptor. The anti aircraft batteries were scant protection with only one torpedo of the entire mission being destroyed by defensive fire. This will represent a serious issue in the forth coming missions. The capital ships are very vulnerable to torpedoes and perhaps the CAP needs to be increased to four fighters, even through it’ll likely result in additional maintenance on these vital craft”.
“The ability of the capital ships to provide supporting anti aircraft fire against the enemy’s torpedoes is limited. It’s still worthwhile however to keep them in formation to protect each other against fighter strafing runs should our fighters not be able to keep them at bay.”
A knock at the door interrupts the Admirals thoughts.
A young signal man enters the room, “We’ve just received a coded message from one of our contacts on Abydos sir. It reads that they’ve intercepted signals between the rebels and the Hishen’s. There is a convoy bringing heavy equipment and munitions to reinforce defensive enemy positions on Abydos. They are rendezvousing at Elysia to form a convoy before making a run for Abydos.”

Saturday, 10 March 2018

5150 Campaign – S2i – Reconnaissance Mission

[Activation: Star Navy 2, Hishen 6 – Star Navy moves first]
Calmly Jackie continues to control the fleet, “Ajax, increase velocity to 3 cycles and come hard to port. Keep out of range of Scipion. Exeter keep formation.”
The capital ships move ponderously forward.

Manoeuvring to get a firing solution on the unconscious Skywalker, Apollo side slips one cycle to port and as he comes into visual range his dogfighting initiatives kick in. Barrel rolling he manoeuvres another three cycles to port and one to starboard. Now in a perfect firing position he releases fifteen Rail Gun rounds at the unconscious Skywalker. Skywalker is a sitting duck. Fourteen of the fifteen rounds are on target and eight rounds smash through his still active shields. The damage is catastrophic and the ship immediately explodes.  

Wary that both ships are damaged, Colgar6 calls to Da Gobbo, “Keep in formation with me and let’s take the last X Wing together before he can get an attack run in on Ajax.”
Colgar6 moves dead straight forward 3 cycles and Da Gobbo deaccelerates to 4 cycles to take the lead.  

Da Gobbo and Colgar6 get the drop on their counterpart who is too busy lining up an attack run on Ajax.
Da Gobbo takes the initiative and barrel rolls two cycles forward before side slipping one cycle to starboard. In the perfect firing position he releases fifteen Rail Gun rounds and one Fire and Forget missile at his opponent. His aim is wide and only one round is on target and that is defeated by the X Wings shields. The Fire and Forget missile however strikes dead on, smashing into the Hull and the Cockpit. The pilot is rendered unconscious and his ship side slips 5 cycles to port and comes to a rest.

Watching the X Wing pilot drift by him, Colgar6 attempts a Hi Energy Yo Yo manoeuvre to get his opponent back in his sights but it is too much for his ship in its current condition. He moves forward two cycles and turns one aspect to starboard.
Spotting his chance to act the Old Sarge moves in next. Pushing his throttle to full velocity, he side slips two cycles to starboard and into visual range, he then barrel rolls three cycles forward, into a perfect firing position. He is out of missiles but his opponent is almost defenceless with only his shields to protect him. He presses the trigger and fifteen Rail Gun rounds spew forth from his weapons. Eight rounds are on target and two pass through the X Wings shields damaging its Engine and penetrating its Hull. The air frame can’t take the damage and the last X Wing is destroyed.

With his engine and comms link damaged The Addict knows better and to try a strafing attack on the enemy capital ship. He moves forward three cycles to get back into formation with his comrades.
Scipion moves forward three cycles, closing the distance to the Star Navy Fleet, brining his Projectile Batteries closer to his opponents.
“Open fire,” commands Jackie.
Warspite and Exeter fire their long range beam batteries (Ajax is out of arc). Four of the rounds explode around the Scipion. The Hishen light capital ship shields protect Scipion but they take a hell of a beating and phase out. They’ll be down for the next nine cycles. 
Battered by the barrage, her Capitan is too busy to return fire (ie not active this round).

With her shields down the Scipion’s Captain knows he is in great peril and will be destroyed before he is able to inflict any serious damage to the Star Navy fleet.
He turns his ship and at his maximum velocity of 3 cycles stars to outpace the Star Navy fleet. Jackie orders Apollo and Old Sarge to give chase and for The Addict, Da Gobbo and Colgar6 to retire to a safe position behind the fleet. Apollo and Old Sarge use their after burners to quickly catch the damaged ship but they start to lose contact with the fleet. Jackie recalls his precious fighters rather than have them get out of contact. The Scipion slinks away.